Your donation will help transform young lives.

PCYC's U-NITES program helps reduce youth crime

It is crucial for all children and young people to have a safe place where they can play, learn and thrive.

PCYC's U-NITES program provides young people with opportunities for connection, socialisation, and participation in a safe and supervised environment – a positive alternative to the streets.

The program is free of charge for participants but it costs money to run. We need your vital support to continue delivering the U-NITES program.

U-NITES makes a real difference in Walgett

Watch the video below to see how much of a difference the U-NITES program is making to the community in Walgett.

We desperately need your support to continue supporting communities like Walgett and Bourke to keep U-NITES running. Please consider making a life-changing donation today.

PCYC works in partnership with community and Police to empower young people, get kids active in life, and reduce and prevent youth crime

PCYC is a charity. We fund nearly 90% of our operations through club activities, contestable grants, and donations from generous people like you who care about our youth.

We need your help to fund the life changing programs that transform the lives of thousands of young people in 66 locations around New South Wales.

For assistance or if you have any questions please call 1800 777 292 or email

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Your donation today will transform young lives.

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