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PCYC’s Savannah Pride: social cohesion for refugees, via basketball and education

Originally established in 2006 by a small group of coaches and students from South Sudanese backgrounds, PCYC's Savannah Pride was created to assist youth through their settlement journey and to provide a positive outlet.

About fifty percent of participants are “at risk” young people; referred by local schools, Police and service providers. The program has around 200 regular participants each week, with female participation also growing.

But the program costs money to take part in. Help us by making a generous donation today.

17 year old Magol is a participant of the Savannah Pride program, and a very keen basketball player. It's the program's supportive environment that makes all the difference for him:

Magol, a young 17 year old who plays basketball for PCYC's Savannah Pride program.

“No one judges you. The disciplined training and academic focus leads to opportunities.”

Taking a holistic approach

Savannah Pride works closely with families, schools and local police to ensure that education and homework activities come first. Find out more about the program and its impact by watching the video below:

A real challenge is ensuring that all young people can participate, especially as refugee families often struggle financially. Monthly costs cover coaching, transport, uniforms and equipment.

Help PCYC provide more young people with the opportunity to participate in this valuable program.

PCYC is a life changing youth charity. Our programs and activities create opportunities for young people to realise their potential. Since 1937 PCYC has worked in partnership with community and Police to empower young people.

PCYC is a charity. We fund nearly 90% of our operations through club activities, contestable grants, and donations from generous people like you who care about our youth.

We need your help to fund the life changing programs that transform the lives of thousands of young people in 66 locations around New South Wales.

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