Your donation will help transform young lives.

PCYC is a life changing youth charity. Our programs and activities create opportunities for young people to realise their potential. Since 1937 PCYC has worked in partnership with community and Police to empower young people, get kids active in life, and reduce and prevent youth crime.

PCYC is a charity. We rely on the generous support of people like you to invest in the potential of our youth. Over ten thousand young people engage with a PCYC program each year, across 66 NSW locations.

PCYC's programs teach specific practical life skills, as well as mental resilience, fitness, nutrition, and values like respect for self and others. They reconnect young people to family, friends, education, employment, culture and community. Together, these skills and values embedded in our programs, create opportunities for the next generation to realise their potential.

PCYC's sporting, creative and educational activities are conducted in a safe, diverse and inclusive environment. They create opportunities for young people to unleash thier potential through sports, fitness, creative and social activities.

Thank you for considering a donation. Your financial support will help kids in your local community.

For assistance or if you have any questions please call 1800 777 292 or email

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$50 helps 3 young people access PCYC sports and recreation membership
$100 helps towards food costs for young people attending a PCYC program
$500 helps one young person access PCYC's GRIT mental resilience skills program
Your donation today will transform young lives.

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