Donate to the 2023 PCYC STARJUMP Challenge

PCYC is NSW’s leading youth charity.

We see tens of thousands of young people walk through the doors of our 66 clubs every year. These young people need our life changing programs to help give them the tools and confidence required to face their obstacles. We fund nearly most of our operations through club activities, contestable grants, and donations from generous people who care about our youth.

We're asking you to help us continue our life changing work by challenging yourself to StarJump in March 2023 to fundraise for young people and help us give them the positive future they deserve.

Our 2023 StarJump Challenge will see funds raised go toward the continued implementation of our most effective life changing youth programs.

For assistance or if you have any questions, please call 1800 777 292 or email

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$50 Membership for 3 young people to attend safe, supervised activities on Friday and Saturday U-Nites
$100 Contribution to breakfast costs for 20 young people in before school fitness and mentoring program, Fit for Life
$250 Help fund resources for 10 week GRIT mental resilience program
$500 Helps with First Aid costs for 15 young people in Fit for Work employment program

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