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PCYC’s 65 clubs around New South Wales reach 100,000 young people face to face.

Our staff directly interact with these young people on a daily basis. We also engage with them through the NSW Police officers of the Youth Command stationed in our clubs, and through our interactions with their families, teachers, sporting organisations, and other community agencies. In every single one of the communities in which PCYC serves, we observe young people experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges.

That’s why we’re starting a new preventative Mental Wellness program to help young people build resilience skills. GRIT (Growth-mindset Resilience Intervention for Teenagers) will build mental resilience skills, interlinked with good nutrition and physical exercise practices.

The GRIT program pilot costs money to implement. And we need your help.

You can make a donation here, today, to support the mental health of our young people.

GRIT will complement PCYC’s core program work. One platform of these programs is the PCYC partnership with Police, and centres on the Commissioner’s Rise Up Strategy. These targeted programs reconnect disengaged young people to family, education, culture, employment and community. This early intervention approach prevents young people being the victims or perpetrators of crime. They cost money run. They help young people.

Please give what you can.


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