A mother's story of life changing hope for her son

Ema’s story is a testament to the remarkable impact of the PCYC NSW Fit for Work program on the life of her 17 year old son, Tyrone. You can help transform young, at-risk lives, like Tyrone's by donating to PCYC's youth programs.

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Could contribute to weekly food costs for 2 young people.
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You can help make a difference in a young person's life today by donating to our youth programs.

Ema's Story

A Mother's story of life changing success for her son

My name is Ema, I am a mother to 7 children. My eldest, Tyrone-George, completed the Fit for Work program at PCYC Bankstown in 2023. 

When Tyrone started high school, my relationship with my son started to break down. By the time he was in year 10, he was skipping school and getting into trouble with the law.

Things got so bad, I had to move him out of our home. Having to do this cut me really deep. 

In February 2023, Tyrone said he wanted to leave school. Shortly after, his school’s careers advisor referred him to a program run by PCYC, called Fit for Work. 

I don’t quite know what happened on that first day of Fit for Work, but Tyrone came home so excited. Each day he’d share his learnings, upcoming events like work placement, and getting fitted for a suit. His dedication to the program was evident; I was starting to see a positive change in him. 

On his graduation day, I was thrilled to witness Tyrone completing something he set his mind to. Tears streamed down my face as he received his graduation certificate and the All-Rounder Award, recognising his excellence in all areas. 

This program not only helped my son but also me as a parent to understand the needs and wants of my child. I would encourage any parent or child thinking of joining the program to do so. 

Your donation can make a life changing difference to young people like Tyrone. Please consider supporting PCYC's youth programs.

How your donation positively impacts our program participants

By supporting PCYC's youth programs, you are enabling us to provide direction, qualifications, and new experiences to young people in need.

Required clothing and equipment such as PPE (personal protective equipment) 

Food and transport costs for participants

Program running costs such as certification and insurance

A $50 donation will cover weekly food costs for 2 people during Fit for Work

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