FIT 5 Funraiser FAQs

What is the Fit 5 Funraiser?

The Fit 5 Funraiser is PCYC NSW’s Emergency Appeal during lockdown. The fundraising event has been organised to help raise vital funds so PCYC can kick-start their life changing youth programs across 65 Clubs as soon as lockdown lifts. 

The Fit 5 Funraiser takes place from 16 August 2021 for 5 days (or more if you wish). Participants take on a five day challenge, committing to 25 minute guided blocks featuring a new workout every day plus nutrition ideas, recipes and tips from PCYC’s Talent Team on staying mentally and physically well. 

Who can take part?

Everyone can get involved. Whether you’re an individual, family or friends living together, you can take part in the Fit 5 Funraiser. This is a family friendly workout - all ages can get active! Together, we can help young people who need it most.

How much does it cost to register?

Nothing. It’s free to sign up!

How does it work?

Once you sign up, we’ll help you kick off your fundraising and send you a new video every day. From the moment you sign up, we’ll be there with tips, resources and support to help you.

When and where is the Fit 5 Funraiser?

The challenge commences on Monday 16 August for 5 day blocks (you can join any time). Take on the challenge at any time of the day that suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

Does the Fit 5 Funraiser need to comply with COVID-19 restrictions?

Yes. You should adhere to social distancing rules, as well as the health order restrictions in your local government area.

You can find links to the latest information on the NSW Government Covid-19 Rules website.

What do I have to do?

Register for the Fit 5 Funraiser virtual 5-day home workout and wellness challenge and ask your family and friends to sponsor you to help raise vital funds for PCYC's life changing youth programs across NSW.

Where do the funds go that I raise?

The funds you raise will go to PCYC NSW, and will be used to fund life changing programs that reconnect disadvantaged young Australians to family, culture, education, employment and community.

Is there a minimum amount I have to raise?

There’s no minimum fundraising target, and no limit on the amount you can raise. We’d love you to raise as much as you can!

How do I update my fundraising goal?

Log in to your Fit 5 Funraiser account and head to your dashboard. Click on ‘Edit my page’ and update your fundraising goal.

How do I bank any offline fundraising money I raise?

The best way to bank your offline fundraising money is through your online fundraising page with your credit card. Your total fundraising amount will then be shown on your page.

What resources are available to help me fundraise?

Your online fundraising page makes it easy for you to get donations and spread the word about the Fit 5 Funraiser.

Can I post my photos or videos on social media?

Absolutely! Post your photos and videos to show off your progress with the hashtag #PCYCFit5Appeal, and nominate a mate to take on the challenge themselves.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

We're always here to help. Give us a call on 1800 777 292 or email us at We are also available on our social media channels. Get in touch!

I've shared my page on Facebook asking for donations using the Facebook Donate button. Will the money I raise come to PCYC?

Yes. However, we recommend you don’t use the Facebook Donate button to raise money for the Fit 5 Funraiser, as we can’t link any donations back to your fundraising page.

If you’ve already set up a post, we suggest that you:

  1. Delete the post, as this is the only way to remove the Facebook Donate button; and
  2. Create a new Facebook post and share the link to your fundraising page without adding the ‘Donate’ button.

Why aren't the donations I'm receiving through Facebook showing up on my fundraising page?

Facebook donations are handled and held by a third party, so we can’t link them to your Fit 5 Funraiser page. Given these limitations, we recommend you don’t use the Facebook Donate button to fundraise.

If you’d like your Facebook friends and followers to donate to the Fit 5 Funraiser, we encourage you to share the link to your fundraising page on your social media pages instead.